Employment Law

Get Everything You Are Entitled To When Terminated.

When you are in a vulnerable position after being fired, you need an employment lawyer who will represent your interests and get you the financial entitlements you are owed.

Many times, Employees do not know what their proper entitlements are and assume that their Employer has treated them appropriately.

Employees need to remember that there is no incentive for an Employer to provide all that they are owed in severance pay under the common law. Don’t let your Employer take advantage of you.

Come in for a consultation to find out how much termination pay you are owed. 2 weeks of termination pay provided by your Employer can turn into 2 months or more.

The most significant indicators of the amount termination pay owed to an Employee is whether there was an employment contract signed with a termination clause included, the age of the Employee at the time of the termination, the Employee’s annual salary and the availability of similar employment.

Langer Law can assist with the initial assessment of your entitlement to enhanced termination pay.

We help Employees with:

  • Wrongful Terminations
  • Human Rights Claims
  • Termination Package Reviews

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